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What is Geospex? 

Geospex combines construction project information with GIS (Geographic Information System) data layers to provide new insights into market dynamics.

Get the who, what, and where answers to common questions like:

  • "Where are my competitors building?"
  • "Who owns the parcel of land adjacent to my target development?"
  • "Where are opportunity zones in relation to projects of interest?"

Why Geospex? 

  • Data visualization is more critical now than ever for market analysis, monitoring competition, forecasting, and trend spotting.  Geospex delivers that in spades.

  • Get unique location-based perspectives that you can't get from looking at a data tableoften more easily, and in more depth.  See projects in context against data layers provided by the U.S Census Bureau, the Bureau of Land Management, and more. 

  • Add your custom data for compatibility with your existing workflow.




Original Standard Map

New Standard Map


Map 250 points at a time

Map 15,000 points at a time

Map 15,000 points at a time

No Address Search on Map

Search and map any location

Search and map any location

Legacy Base Map Options:

  • Satellite 
  • Street View 


New Base Map Options:

  • Imagery/ Satellite Hybrid
  • Street View
  • Streets at Night (Dark)
  • Topographic
  • Light Gray
  • Dark Gray
  • Imagery/ Satellite Hybrid
  • Street View
  • Streets at Night (Dark)
  • Topographic
  • Light Gray
  • Dark Gray
N/A View County overlay View County overlay
N/A View Zip overlay View Zip overlay
N/A View MSA Overlay View MSA Overlay
N/A Force Map View in Project List Force Map View in Project List
N/A View the projects added in the last 2 weeks View the projects added in the last 2 weeks
N/A View all projects added since your last login View all projects added since your last login
N/A Measure distance between two points Measure distance between two points


 Geospex PREMIUM data layers ALSO include:

Standard Mapping Grpahics

Cumulative Project Value Estimates 

See the project value estimates for all projects within your map view.


View projects in a heatmap to identify activity hotspots.

Screenshot 2021-06-08 134315
Screenshot 2021-06-08 134653

Cluster Map

Group projects in clusters for quick regional analysis.

Airports Layer

See where all airports exist in proximity to projects of interest.

Screenshot 2021-06-08 135704
Screenshot 2021-06-08 140115

American Indian Reservations

Look at where AIR exist in proximity to projects of interest.

Census Regions

Drill in and see where projects exist by Census Region.

Screenshot 2021-06-08 140517
Screenshot 2021-06-08 140926

EPA Brownfield Sites

Identify nearby brownfield sites to mitigate risk.

EPA Superfund NPL Sites

See nearby Superfund sites nearby projects of interest.

Screenshot 2021-06-08 141134
Screenshot 2021-06-08 141247

FEMA Flood Zones

Identify FEMA flood zones nearby projects or communities of interest.

Municipal Boundaries

See the borders of municipalities. Useful for assigning sales territories.

Screenshot 2021-06-08 141613
Hurricane Warnings

NOAA Atlantic Hurricanes

Get reports on Atlantic hurricanes in relation to key regions and projects.

NOAA Monthly Precipitation Outlook

See where rain and snow are expected across the U.S. in relation to projects of interest.

Screenshot 2021-06-08 141705
Screenshot 2021-06-08 141749

NOAA Snow Depth

See the depth of fallen snow. 

NOAA Warnings

See weather watches/warnings in near real- time.

Screenshot 2021-06-08 141822
Screenshot 2021-06-08 141856

Opportunity Zones

See opportunity zones adjacent to nearby residential and commercial construction.


See railroads nearby key regions, markets and projects.

Screenshot 2021-06-08 142535
Screenshot 2021-06-08 142854


See who owns properties adjacent to locations of interest.

USGS Geology

See the latest geological information from the USGS.

Screenshot 2021-06-08 143043
Screenshot 2021-06-08 143457

Wildland Fires

See areas prone to wildfires and the current status in near real-time.

Solid Waste Landfills

See nearby landfills in relation to projects of interest.

Screenshot 2021-06-08 143531
Draw a Buffer

Drawing Layers

Draw a buffer (ring) at any point for drive time insights, project values, and demographics. 

Popular Use Cases by Industry:

  • Visualize all pending/recent construction around your sites being considered
  • Where in an MSA/County is development happening?
  • Visualize all projects that will impact your site, even if not visible in your site drive around
  • Use to look for holes in market service - Sr. Living, Hospitality, Residential, Grocery, Retail, etc.
Construction Companies
  • Review location impacts for your GO/NOGO decisions
  • Regional/National Competitive analysis
  • Visualize the surrounding location of any address
  •  Relevant builds and renovations underway
  • Enter the address of your hotel and see all nearby projects underway
  • Regional/National Competitive analysis
  • Spot regional hotspots


Manufacturers of Furniture, Fixtures, Consumer Electronics and Appliances

  • Spot regional opportunities
  • Spot project proximity to distribution facilities
  • Visualize projects by dealer geography
  • Identify nearby comparative builds
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Telecommunications
  • Landscaping
  • Security
  • Identify new, planned, and existing projects in your service area
  • Identify trends and new opportunities for expansion


Popular Use Cases by Role:


Inside Sales Rep


See all the projects in your territory with a choice of 5 views



 Outside Sales Rep

  • Identify all projects within a given MSA, zip code or county boundary
  • Build efficiency into client meetings by identifying worthy projects along your route.


Regional Sales Manager

  • Competitive analysis by region
  •  Relevant renovations underway
  • Enter the address of your location and see all nearby projects underway


National/Vertical Sales Manager

  • Identify where to put sales reps for expansion or go- to-market team.
  • Identify regional activity hot spots and align sales resources against market needs



  • Build your go-to-market strategy based on existing and forecasted construction activity


Lead Generation 

  • Identify industry-specific contacts by company and region



  • Estimate labor and material cost by geographic regional activity
  • Identify delivery routes and accessibility for material staging


Project Managers

  • Identify nearby existing projects
  • Assess need for labor and materials for a given geographic area
Executive or Strategic Planners
  • Identify relevant growing markets


Site Selection Specialists

  • Prove or disprove hypotheses about a given market
  • See planned projects for any location
  • Visualize future market demands 



  • Why should I be using Geospex?
    Get important insights faster. Visualization of relevant projects in context with additional data points helps you get a deeper understanding of key markets in less time.  

  • Is there a cost for Geospex? 
    Yes. To upgrade please contact your account manager for pricing, or call 866-316-5300.

  • How do I zoom in on a specific area?
    Hold shift and draw a box around the desired area for a closer view.

  • Can I put in an address?
    Yes! Enter an address to see nearby projects of interest.

  • Can I go back to the old map?
    No, we are retiring the old map in favor of better functionality.

  • Can you help train my team on this new tool?
    Yes, after you upgrade please book a time with Kevin Drake in Client Services to review PREMIUM mapping functionality with your team.